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Webapp to create and publish webapps only using one language (coffeescript).


What is it about ? Story

Orbe is a web platform that allows you to create websites and webapps only using one language (coffeescript) and the ability to publish them in a click. It was created early 2016. Later on I decided to focus on the framework behind the platform and created MagiX.

Orbe was really about prototyping and learning web development within a web sandbox (compared to MagiX which was more production oriented). The idea was to simplify everything to a new level where you can do anything with one simple language. It was also a good way for me to spend some time reading all the Web API's documentations, and learning about building very easy to use UX in a quest of building a fun tool that could help people get into web development.

I really wanted to create an experience that was different from anything you would have seen before. I started to get into ThreeJS to create a cool cloud background in the menu and Home page. It was really about combining lots of different skills in a certain amount of time to create something unique.

You also had two project type to choose from, App or Playground. Basically, Playground was limiting the code files to only one.

The main interface was really easy to understand. The screen was splitted into two separate views: the code on the left and the live preview on the rigth side. Everything that you typed was automatically compiled from coffeescript to JavaScript and displayed.

The cool thing about this Orbe is that the documentation was also within the interface, always within reach. It was really detailed with examples for every methods and properties available. You could really control the whole browser using the Orbe framework in really simple way.

An interesting thing about this project is that you could publish anything instanstly with the press of a button allowing you to share whatever thing you would create. It was really magical! Every project had a limit of 100MB, with a file system also built within the interface. You could drag a file, it would be uploaded and then you could use it within your code.

I launched this project right before going to 42 in San francisco. There, I was able to get feedbacks from people, see what people were thinking about it. I later decided to stop the project to learn new things.. This experience was a great way for me to deeply understand all the browser features and mecanisms to create a robust webapp and framework.

What I've used Tech

  • NodeJS
  • MongoDB
  • SocketIO
  • Redis
  • Coffeescript
  • Orbe Framework

I am Etienne

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