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Framework to create websites and webapps only using one language (coffeescript).


What is it about ? Story

Unlike Orbe which was oriented toward learning code and prototyping interface directly in the browser, Magix was an improved version of the framework used by Orbe developer oriented with a focus on creating more advance webapps or prototypes. It allowed you to create websites and webapps only using one language (coffeescript).

Magix was available as an NPM with a command line (npm install -g magixjs). The goal was to create the most advance way to create webapps while also making it as easy as possible.

After launching this project, I felt like that was not something I wanted to maintain. Don't get me wrong, it was amazing to create, learning how to create command line app and more quality code. However, it was not really exciting anymore. I needed to keep learning, so I let the project live for a few months before shutting the website down. However the framework is still available on Github.

The website was only used to demo the framework, you can see how it looked like in the video down below.

How did it do? ProductHunt

MagiX did really well during the ProductHunt launch, I only got really positive feedbacks. In fact it got featured by Product hunt with almost 400 upvotes, check it out.

How did it look like? UI/UX

This was the trailer I did to promote the framework during launch. It shows the example interface and the flow to create different things.

Where can I get it? Github

What I've used Tech

  • NodeJS
  • NPM
  • Coffeescript
  • MagiXJS
  • AWS

I am Etienne

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