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Allows you to chat with other people around you. It is like Slack for every places.


What is it about ? Story

Kiwi is an app for iOS and Android I built with a friend in 2 months early 2017. It allows you to chat with other people around you. Users have the ability to create chats with a defined radius.
Once out of the radius you can no longer access to the chat. It is like a Slack for every places.
You also have the ability to access the Snapchat and Instagram of users to keep in touch.

The app was built during my time at 42US. We wanted to try to see what we could do in the app space while being in San Francisco. At that time Yik-Yak was almost dead, but we still thought that there was something to do with the location of the user. My friend started to work on a few early concepts and then we quickly ended up creating a prototype using MagiX. In a few days we already had a basic working version that we could show to people. Since we were at 42US, we had the chance to be with hundreds of other students that would be willing to test the app and give us early feedbacks. Once that step was completed we interated the concept a few times and try to get as much feedback as possible in the process.

Once we were happy with our final prototype, I started to code the production iOS version of the app. Everyday we would go to Starbucks to work on the app or when we were too tired, we would work for long hours at the doorms. My friend would polish the design and I would basically code all of waking hours. We did that for 2 months, including the Android version. I can tell you, it feels great to see both versions running natively and without bugs.

After that I created the website, deployed the app into pre-production, ready for the launch. In parallels we stated to go to Palo Alto and Stanford a few times a week. The app was limited to Stanford only, we wanted to focus on a specific target of early users and college students were perfect for our use case. We eventually bought six thousand stickers (you read that right) and our plan was to stick them everywhere on campus right before launch.

The launch was alright, looking back we could have done better. In the end, we got around 400 users in the first 2 weeks but the retention was pretty low. We also had to come back to France a days after, making it hard to keep going. After all those efforts, we decided to try to create Rudeboy as the last shot we had within the amount of time left.

I think this experience was amazing for me to improve my workflow on every levels - prototyping, design, coding both iOS and Android, deploying. Even though you can call it a failure, Kiwi was another step forward.

How did it look like? UI/UX

This video shows the UX of the Kiwi app.

What I've used Tech

  • NodeJS
  • MongoDB
  • Redis
  • Socket.IO
  • Swift
  • Android SDK
  • AWS
  • OneSignal
  • Sticker Mule

I am Etienne

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