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Hologram is a pioneer Desktop app that let you create and prototype WebVR in interactive and fun way. It requires no previous coding knowledge, so anybody can start designing cool VR experiences.


What is it about ? Story

After coming back from San Francisco, I was not really sure what to do next however I felt like VR was worth exploring. I started to play around with A-Frame. This was my first time coding 3D enviroments. After a few weeks exploring the medium, I quickly realized I could create a tool that would simplify the design process of creating webVR enviroments.

Hologram is really simple to use, the interface is divided into three major tabs: Scene, Code and Assets. The Scene view offers a powerful 3D visual interface tool that was engineered specifically for fast and intuitive 3D work. I wanted the interface to look familiar to anybody who would use the app for the first time. In fact it is very similar to tools like Unity, Blender or even Cinema 4D.

At the top left edge is the scene controls. There are 5 buttons to discover. The first one is the Move tool - it allows you to move the position of a selected entity directly from the viewport. The second is the Rotation tool to rotate a selected entity. The third, the Scale tool, to scale a selected entity from the viewport. The forth one Walk&Play (the coolest) allows you to edit your scene at the first person like a Minecraft. And finally the last one is the Grid toggle, to show or hide the guide in the viewport.

Hologram supports assets drag and drop directly on the viewport. For instance, dropping an .png file on the viewport will import the file and then automatically insert an image in the scene. Same thing apply for video and audio files.

You can add interations and animation directly in the Scene tab, but you also have the ability to do that with a bit of code. The Code tab is also really useful to add data into your project.

Hologram was engineered so that you do not need to have previous coding knowledge to start. And if you never coded before, you will see that coding with Hologram is really easy and fun.

Finally the Assets tab of Hologram offers a simple yet powerful way to manage all your assets in one place. You can quickly browse through all your textures, videos, sounds, etc. To add extra fun, it also integrate Google Blocks natively - download thousands of free 3D object create by the Google Blocks community.

How did it look like? UI/UX

This was the trailer I did to show what Hologram was capable of.

What I've used Tech

  • NodeJS
  • MongoDB
  • Redis
  • ElectronJS
  • AWS
  • A-Frame/ThreeJS
  • MagiX

I am Etienne

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